Popcorn are good. You can really never go wrong with popcorn. Trouble is, every popcorn tastes the same and when you’ve had enough you just want to throw up.
Now before you package my house in toilet paper or assault me with rotten tomatoes, just hear me out. I’m not saying Northern Discipline makes me want to throw up. No. Northern Discipline throws at you two handsful of solid Death metal tunes that ooze aggression and power, but here is where ‘popcorn’ kicks in.
The band does not deal you any breathers. It’s aggression all the way and in the process you have a hard time distinguishing the tracks from each other.
Whilst the songs plow their way like a freight train on the run, the actual album lacks dynamics and structure.

Hands down, Northern Discipline deal a full hand of punishment and are technically extremely good at it, but the overall feel of the album is like dropping a 10 tons concrete slab over the listener.
A heavy crushing effect for sure.

7- / 10