A black winter screams for black music, but in the absence of true darkness the crushing stoner riffs of Reido function as an adequate surrogate.
The music clearly lacks much of the blackness needed for my dark mood but we can by no means punish the band for that.
Where I needed only darkness and gloom the band hitís you with an full arsenal of moods and atmospheres, surfing over genre borders from stoner to death- and over to dark-metal. The vocalist sets much of the moods as his vocals carries the genre changes while the riffing stays the same, save the occasional bursts of violence and speed.
We are dealt out an array of low spoken vocals, clean singing as well as grunting - whereas the grunting is left way too monotone for my taste.

But save all this crap Iíve been pointing out. Save the fact that my mind wanted slow crushing doom.
When you open your mind, and forget about your stupid preferences and nihilist fetishes for maximizing misery, you start enjoying the music and appreciating the mixture of genres served on this delicious groove plate.
So for me, I guess weeping time is over laddy boy.

8- / 10