The minor understatement of the day is that Ilohuasca is one of the most confusing things, musically, that I’ve heard in a while. The second understatement would be that the music is diverse.
Now, to make things a great deal weirder for you I’ll give you guys the notion that the statements above are both puns and praises.
So by now this review must be as confusing for you as Ilohuasca was for me on the virgin round.

One thing that I really had to deal with was the constant feeling of familiarity. Seemed like much of the material had an familiar quality to it. Something borrowed or just a fluke?
Nevermind rhetoric's as everything is still self made, save the spotify clip and the other samples of the first track. The production value is top notch throughout the release and all elements flow well, no matter the sometimes abrupt changes of style.
The last point brings us to the burning questions at hand. What is the style? Is there any style for this release?

At first there is only confusion and sampled speech, but as we go along much of the material lean on something that (for me) sounds very much like basic techno in the vein of Finnish megastars Darude and JS16. (At this point anyone of you can come over and shut me up as I’m way out of my zone of expertize.)
Another element that seems to be in power is hip-hop and reminds me of Finnish rap pioneers from the 90’s, Raptori and MC Nikke T.
The lyrical concept strengthens the above conception as the words seem to be mostly parody and fun, without any truly deep messages. Just pure mindflow. The lyrics are a mixture of english and finnish and there is even a hint of Arabic provided by Meron Solomon.

But alas, the musical mixture is not as easy though, we don’t have one cup vintage Finnish rap and three cups Finnish export techno. There is also a few cups of indie rock, a shitload of binder and to add everything up some nice Nintendo effects as topping. Other guest appearances are provided by Kalle Kivelä on flute and Toni Rissanen who raps on “Turd Aye”.
The guest appearances offer little more than an extension to the variations, but serve their spots in the whole. As I stated before already the overall flow is close to flawless.

I’ll try to summarize this terrible mind fuck so that everyone (including myself) will have a clear view of the review. There are a few factors that build up the coming grade for this record.
A) you need to have a good attention span to take in all the twists and turns Ilohuasca provides.
B) you need to appreciate a wide array of musical styles to actually like the different ‘episodes’.
C) I really hope the listener doesn’t have a tendency for migraines or something, as the flickering nature of the music could most certainly fire a killer headache for the unprepaired.

So taking all of this into account we have music without any clear target audience, but the music still works. There is by no means any hint that the creator of “unenluoja” is short on talent, but the music will crave a large amount of wider conception and a hell-of-a-lot patience.
Due to the (many fold) split nature of the release, I will have to lower the score. Some of the elements were absolutely not to my taste even though the whole was enjoyable.

7 / 10