“We need metal we need steel! We need fire turn the wheel! To kill flagons filled with beer! To kill dragons with our steel!” sang a group of friends once upon a time in the Netherlands. Actually I think they still do it every chance they get, but how does this concern Amoth? Not much at all except maybe to give you a fairly vague hint about the genre.
Lucky for Amoth, their lyrics avoid the cliché of dragons, steel and even beer. The music is still solid Power metal with hints of neo-classisim and a progressive touch.

One of the key issues when it comes to power metal is the intensity and quality of the vocalist. Now every once upon a red moon a power metal vocalist comes along and impresses the hell out of me.
Pekka Montin is halfway there his powerful presence. More than once throughout the length of the album he reminds me of Charles Rytkönen from Morgana Lefay fame. Said times are the highpoint, but also when Pekka hits those high screams you feel a sense of joy.
But it’s not all blissful ecstasy. What annoys me with the vocals is the occasional strange pronunciation that really cuts deep in my ear. Still with this said, compared to many finnish vocalists, Mr. Montin’s skills are top notch in this field.
When the music of Amoth is subject to deeper study you will find that resemblances to Morgana Lefay don’t end with the vocals. Also some of the vocal melodies sound like they would be at home on practically any Morgana Lefay album.

Like the swedes Power metal, also Amoth has a healthy aggressive touch to their music but never mind the resemblances: this is no copycat act!
To further spice their visions Amoth incorporates sections of lounge-jazz style playing, piano or just acoustically building up an atmosphere.
A track that is worth an extra notice is the last song “Whispers from the Past” that also acts as the quota ballad for the album. It’s an almost folk-like tune accompanied only by acoustic guitar and orchestral like percussion. The subtle, yet powerful drumming brings the track to an altogether new level making it epic.

Like most finnish metal acts, to underline “quality” a clear effort has been put on the sounds and production. All elements are clearly distinguishable and the whole listening experience has been made pleasurable.
After the listening session is over you are left in a jolly mood and with a smile on your face.
Hell, it even leaves you in the mood to “play it again Sam”.

8 / 10