Orbseven, apparently a solo project containing various guest contributions, hails from the US of A and plays an inventive kind of black metal with interesting nuances and influences. The rather unsurprising avalanches are mixed together with ambient sections and the dry soundscape of noise giving the music a distinct style.
As said the soundscape is extremely dry and crisp; Way too digital and compressed for your average black metal. This in turn gives the music a very modern twist and a personality of itís own.

On the musical side the noise like sound does little to enhance the different elements of the music but adds up the layers into a huge dry wall of sound. The high sounds constantly seem to peak bringing an most unpleasant peak to the soundscape.
While on the subject also the vocals seem to be highly compressed and overdriven with gain. The production of the vocals go well together with the rest of the music, but are left way too processed for my personal taste.
The Transitions from the dry black metal into the flowing ambient sequences are highly fluid and avoid the copy/paste shock intersections made so popular by John Zorn. These well written changes are a pleasure the ears while the styles mixed are quite different.

Orbseven gathers together an interesting array of ideas, but after all fails to ignite all of itís potential. Underground greatness and Ďkvltí status may be the future of Orbseven (and I do hope this for him) but only after refining the sound and adding levels to these otherwise thoughtful compositions.
The blocks of sound just donít leave behind enough of a memory trace nor joy of discovery.

7 / 10