Buzz Off Evil is a Finnish four-piece that decided to turn their appreciation of Misfits and horror into music. To my knowledge, this is their debut release.

The Misfits-influence is obvious, and I wouldn't be too amazed if these fellows were into Volbeat as well. The songs rely on somewhat simple four-chord punk riffs with a mellow and relaxed vibe and a dose of groove. The tempo stays above average for most of the time. The most relaxed moments, such as the songs "Crystal Lake Blues" and "She Lives..." are spiced with occasional soloing and more groovy bass lines, and the two aforementioned tracks feature some oldschool rock-synths as well. The main vocals are monotonal spoken ones, as one could've guessed from the Misfits- and Volbeat-mentions, but some backing shouts and samples of screaming women are occasionally thrown in to spice up the mix.

The band's concept looks good on the surface, but it left me absolutely cold. The members handle their instruments well, for sure, but they haven't managed to ooze any real attitude and zeal into the songs. The playing is capable but way too relaxed, even lazy, and the dull spoken vocals and rather clean soundscape aren't helping at all. The end results sounds like it was crafted with little effort, and noting the band's blood-splattering concept their music ends up way too tasteless and clean. Where is the cutting edge and smell of decay? Even the choral shouts, corny organ synths and screaming samples sound safe, and they add very little extra personality to the songs. A few good moments with originality just aren't enough to save this album.

The simple desing gives more than just a little nod to oldschool horror, and especially the stylish cover image is to my liking. The lyrics mostly aren't half bad either. Some of them are kind of plot references from classic horror movies (The Hills Have Eyes, Friday the 13th, The Burning), and the rest are similar glimpses from horror stories; living dead, unholy forces, people being murdered... the usual stuff. They're practically bursting with clichés, but they work in this concept.

If you enjoy laid-back music that's rather easy to listen to and sounds even poppy on rock-standards, such as the above mentioned Volbeat, you might want to give this band a chance.

5½ / 10