Disease of the Nation is a Finnish band that plays more or less weird metal. The band was formed in 2006, and they've released three demo/EPs before their debut album "The Rudum."

If I were to go through the album in detail, I'd end up writing a novel. Shortly said, if you enjoy your modern metal with a good production, very capable musicianship, youthful humour, and don't mind if the songs range from simple thrashing to abrupt mellow parts and all the way to tribal rhythms, grindcore and discord-driven waltz, this is the perfect album for you. It might help if you're a guitarist and enjoy listening to bands such as Stam1na and Strapping Young Lad. The vocals vary from shrill screams to shouts and clean ones, so that section won't become a bore either.

The junkyard in the cover arts and the lyrical side both bring out the members' frustration towards the modern way of human living, with the tone switching between preachy and ironic. There's some humour thrown in here, too, and all in all the lyrics suit the music.

I've listened through the album well over ten times already, so it's become clear that it won't bore its listener quickly. It's also become clear that in all its incoherence, instrumental gimmickry and humour, the album is pretty far from my personal preferences. I think the band relies too much on sudden twists and turns, which makes the album like a puzzle missing pieces instead of forming a solid slab which would have all the tracks working in unison. Maybe their next album is better in this aspect.

7- / 10