First impressions last, now and then it’s a good thing, but sometimes the killer opener just ruins the rest of the album. It’s the times when the rest of an album just fails to grow to the level of this killer opener that really sucks.
On that note I have been waiting for some album to come my way and blow my f*cking mind.

The opening track of “The Electric Tree” is something fresh and special, industrial and noise influences over a pop song. The opener did what I wished it to do, it blew my mind. The sampled vocal parts worked perfectly together as a whole and everything has a vibe of a pop sensible “Nine Inch Nails”.
Sadly the pop influences are stronger on the following tracks and the music is accompanied by vocals that are on the verge of an irritating whine. However the scales tip to the positive side as the material works all way through the album. For once, I must say, the release length is perfect.
The album is not too short and above all not too long. You are left hungry to hear more when the 8th song dies out.

Also the overall planning of the album span is awesome. The dramatic arch creates a whole that keeps you interested throughout it’s length.
Although the theme of “The Electric Tree” is a bit ‘green’ for my taste I can appreciate the need for this in our day and age. Also the lyrics are not too ‘in your face’ with their message.
Overall Velvetcut brings home the price for positive surprise in 2012.

9- / 10