Simulacrum is an unique outfit on Finnish soil; A Progressive metal band in the vein of Symphony X and Dream Theater. The boys are nothing short of talented when it comes to using their selective weapons of choice, but when it comes to song writing much is left to hope for.
The album treats you to many fast and furious solos and extremely demanding poly-rhythmic sections.
So in case technical mastery doesn’t impress you, then this album will just waste your time.

The vocal parts offer nice melodies but way too much of the album goes out to gimmicky instrumental onanism. Even though the vocalist also sounds fairly capable to handle his turf, he is still no new Russell Allen or James LaBrie. He has an unfortunate lack of charisma in his voice that really leaves out an absence of authority from the vocal parts. With this said, the vocals are still the easiest part for the listener to grasp.

The overall sounds are polished and “The Master and the Simulacrum” is a great sounding album with great production values. Specially I love the piano sound throughout the release.

Bottom line is still that the music leaves little to digest after the CD has spin its course.
I hope the band grows to fit the boots they chose as I really see them as an up and coming force to be reckoned with.
Also the music they represent is way too obscure on Finnish ground.

7- / 10