Sadistik Forest is a Finnish group that plays tradition-honouring death metal with thrash-influences. The band's been active since '07, and this is their second full-length album. No booklet nor lyrics were included in the promo.

I haven't gotten acquainted with the group's debut due to my less flattering first encounter with Sadistik Forest. However, I managed to pull myself together in order to gives this album a chance, and I'm glad to say that the band sounds heavier and a lot more interesting than I had expected. The songs are based on the faster kind of death metal a'la the Swedes in the 90s, with some thrash-rhythmics, subtle melodies, slow and heavy Bolt Thrower-churning and wild guitar-shreds here and there. The soundscape is professional down to the triggered drums, but still organic enough for the band to do any justice to their idols and inspirers. I really like the sturdy bass sound.

The musicians' technical skill is on a good level, and like I said in the gig report, they play their songs to the note. This fact brings me to the album's downsides: the playing is precise, but such a polished way of playing eats away a lot of the instrumentation's emotion and attitude. The songs are decent, but lack the hostile delivery and the element of surprise that would make the listener bown down in awe. The screamed vocals are decent (and a lot better than when I witnessed the group live!) but really usual, and the low growls are too steady and gurgly to add anything to the songs. They're just a low, bubbling and boring sound.

The band's got a good hold of the basics and they seem enthusiastic to improve their craft. They just need to search for the right ways to imbue all the live energy into their recorded music. For example, the band has some moments that give a deep bow towards Slayer's technical and hostile thrash, but these moments seem to have lost their horns and been domesticated. It's as if the band tried to control their songs as far as they can, which is the wrong way to create songs that ooze energy. This held-back approach makes the band seem less original as well. A bolder approach is needed to keep Sadistik Forest from becoming a "just another death metal band."

"Death, Doom, Radiation" present an eager and skilled band that perhaps recorded this album too soon. The songs are decent, but unsurprising. The elements borrowed from Slayer and Bolt Thrower could be used in a bolder and all-out shameless manner to create more variation and unpredictability, instead of trying to tuck and hide hints of these evident "lendings" into the compositions. As is, the band is too steady, stable and safe.

6+ / 10