As often with abstract art-music all the obscure projects are products of one exceptional persons twisted mind. This is also the case with the musical adventures of wojaz. A solo endeavour from an exceptional mind.

It is painfully clear where the strengths of wojaz are hidden, but the weakness is quite notably written as well. But let us first tackle the strengths. First off, he makes interesting throbbing and pulsating soundscapes and even though that sounds like a sound track for adult movies you couldnít be further from the truth. wojaz has nothing to do with erotics what so ever. The sound is highly futuristic and seems to lack organic touch completely.
The other thing wojaz masters superbly is manipulation and distortion of speech and vocal samples.

But however strong the strengths you are only as good as the weakest link, in other words: Trouble in paradise.
Many of the tracks feature solemnly voice or digital sound, so it splits the material very sharply.
In the few tracks that feature both folds of elements the marriage is far from perfect.

Despite the apocalyptic visions painted here wojaz isnít on a one way track to hell but should simply focus on the strengths and either dedicate different projects or releases for the vocal and digital styles.
Mark my words, there are strengths and talent behind wojaz, but his vision is lost from me.

7+ / 10