Italy has a long history as home of beauty, art, talent and ‘amore’. Muzak in many ways follows this line of heritage but also adds on with some brutality, neither a stranger to the country’s history.
The inventive art-music of Muzak is definitely not what the band name suggests but an incorporation of melodies, noise and occasional sample or electronics. At times the basic instrumentation sound like mainstream pop-rock until the ensemble moves in to place added levels to the music. Times like these make the whole experience worth it.
The vocalist has a good and pleasant voice, but lacks force and charisma that would push and distinguish him from the masses.

However you may look at it, the instruments and composition play the lead role in this musical. It’s all about moods and timbres, and the mixing is very generous with this: Everything has a chance to shine, from the guitars and samples to the ensemble and the drums.
On that note, the drum sound packs a fair amount of “oomph” in it and gives the music quite a punch.

“In case of loss...” is an excellent album in every perspective, but you need to give it the space and time it craves. Muzak will take it’s place in the background and you will be an experience short unless you give the music the attention needed.

8+ / 10