Disharmonic is brutal. Disharmonic is grim. Disharmonic is violent. Disharmonic is aggressive.

Disharmonic is Death metal with fragrances of Black in between. The music reminds me at many places of Cradle of Filth, not least because of the vocal style.
Unlike Cradle of Filth, Disharmonic does not give out atmospheric sections nor breathers. Itís full steam ahead and ass kicking most of the way, with only an occasional mid-pace section or sporadic weird section.

Much of the music feels like borrowed building blocks and lacks the innovative touch I came to expect on first contact. What I do appreciate on the other hand is the killer feel the boys and gals have got into the music. You get the feeling they put their hearts into playing this music.
All together Disharmonic is nice and aggressive ass-kicking but over the span of the release you start to numb down to the aggression and miss the special parts, something to make the music truly unique.

Maybe the next release will feature more of everything?

6Ĺ / 10