Coffins is a doom/death metal band from Japan. The band originally formed in the 1990s but went on hiatus in the year 2000. They became active again in 2003 and started to play the doomy death metal they’re known for today. Since then Coffins has been releasing albums quite actively. Buried Death is the band’s latest and in my humble opinion finest full length album.

For me the Coffins sound is best described as Autopsy trudging through a swamp with some added crusty flavor. Buried Death kicks off with a sludgy intro quickly turning into a mid-tempo death metal song. A lot of the songs share the same, quite simple recipe: First a bit of blasting, then a bit of groovy doom. Some songs do emphasize the sludgy aspect more. The focus seems to be on the riffs and drive rather than structure of the songs. The album moves forward in a tempo very suitable for slow, malicious headbanging.

Buried Death has a lot of catchy stuff. Great songs and the band itself does a great job, but what makes Buried Death my favourite Coffins album is the production. For me it sounds exactly like a death/doom band should. Everything from the vocals to the bass hooks to the sound of the snare fits the picture perfectly.

Crammed full of catchy riffs and memorable grunts of sleaze, the slowest yet most rocking d-beats and blastbeats you’ll ever hear, Coffins delivers its morbid vision with a punch only rarely encountered. I would recommend this album to anyone who is at all interested in heavy music.

9 / 10