The sextet Rage My Bitch was founded in '08, released their sole demo in '09, and got their debut album "Fell on Black Season" released in late 2011 through Inverse Records.

I would describe RMB's style as darkened melodic death metal (a'la Gothenburg) with some metalcore-influences in the vocals and choruses. The songs range from simple and rhythmic beatdowns to more ambitious and melody-driven death/thrash-ones, with clean vocals bringing additional catchiness to the simple choruses. Some electronic spices are used here and there to widen the band's expression, and the vocals vary from dry screams to growls and all-clean melodic ones. The vocals don't have a lot of personality and the clean vocals occasionally struggle to stay on key, but overall the different styles are employed with good taste. The vocal arrangements' quality ranges from simply great to usual and boring.

Rage My Bitch reminds me of countless bands. The "melodies meet heaviness"-approach brings newer Arch Enemy and In Flames to my mind, the industrial touches remind me of Scorngrain, and the professional and slightly darkened soundscape has "Gothenburg metal" written all over it. Still, I'm even more reminded of the countless mediocre bands I listened to back when I was just starting to get familiar with Finland's metal scene. The songs are decent and the band has something of an own view to what they're doing, but are still far from being original. The songs bow down to the band's influences with style, but carry very little of anything that would label them as songs by RMB and no-one else. I've heard all of this before, and more than once. Admittedly, I didn't fancy the cover image nor the dark lyrics (which are based on simple rhymes) either.

To my ears, RMB is still just another band drowning into the sea of mediocre metal. They have a vision of what they want to do, but it hasn't crystallized yet. The songs hop between different styles and moods, and from good parts with some originality to worn-out dullness, giving the album a somewhat clueless flow. It seems that the musicians settled for way too little when noting their capabilities in composing and playing. "Fell on Black Season" sounds like a result of compromises from a band that went to the studio too soon.

4 / 10