Superdeathflame is a young Finnish quintet that plays melodic death metal with some thrash thrown in. They've released one promo-demo in '08, about a year after the band's birth. The promo was followed by their debut full-length "The Last Wave" in 2011. Do note that although one might think so from the band's humorous name, they're not a joke-group.

The band's music is pretty much a pastiche of the Gothenburg metal-movement; dark melodies and atmospheres go hand in hand with somewhat harsher and heavier moments, and the whole thing's topped with growled vocals and high-quality production values. The melodies are on a decent level and they have a nice amount of variation, and an occasional guitar solo spices 'em up. The melodic death/thrash-riffs are of a similar bulk-quality as the melodies; decent, but too soft and clean. There is no actual heaviness, harshness or even a hint of danger anywhere.

I am more than a little reminded of Rage My Bitch's album which I reviewed earlier; the difference is that SDF has less vision and attempt to achieve their own sound. The album goes through all the genre's basics, and that's all. The Meshuggah-styled part in "When I Arise" was a nice add, but again, it did little else than copy the song's influencing artist. Aside of that moment and the ZZ Top-cover, which stands out in a negative way in the middle of the album and should've been added as a separate bonus track if at all, the album offers very few memorable moments. It's stylish and capable, but way too safe, used, unoriginal and usual, even plain boring. The album might sound amazing to someone new to the genre, though, as it's crafted really well and with style at its best, such as on the dark and atmospheric "Trust." The length's nicely compact, too.

"The Last Wave" presents a band that's capable with their instruments and eager to play their music, but is still too young to have and deliver something of their own.

4 / 10