Rumour has it that Memento Mori, debut album of Porvoo based Lunar Path, did not see the light of day in the most common of ways. Unlike most modern releases Memento Mori was first put to disc as a self financed release until Inverse records found it and wanted to make an official release. Presumably.
Well no matter if the above is fact or fiction the music still stays the same.
On the question of music on this lunar path, we stumble upon high quality ambitious melodic metal and the bar is set quite high as you can expect from a Finnish band. The album itself is quite a colossus when the complete length is set to 66minutes and 6 seconds in favour for the beast.

Sadly the beast works for no one and this time against Lunar Path.
The material doesn’t quite add up with length of the album and many songs end up as adequate in comparison to the killer track along the way. Still the chosen few killer tracks are blessed with choruses and melodies to haunt you for hours, maybe days.
All production values are top notch, borderline clinical, and the vocals dodge the obvious operatic approach many female fronted bands follow up on. Instead Lunar Path goes along with a rocking style which is well in their favour.
The lyrics all handle sorrows of the heart or romances gone bad and apparently are tied together to a concept throughout the release. At parts the words fall into awkward traps of clichés and childish metaphors.

So we have technical and executional perfection.
Music that leaves you in a good mood.
Music that even makes you nod your head to the beat.

Not bad for this relatively new band from the small town of Porvoo.
If female fronted-, melodic- metal is your cup of tea, you’ll probably enjoy this one like a politician enjoys his bribes.

8- / 10