Well, well! This certainly is a piece of work. Kapseli is the seventh album (including the EP Tårta på tårta) of Sydän, Sydän and it carries on the tradition of changing the face of the band. Musically this album is the most comparable to Au, since both feature a more traditional range of instruments, and to be honest, they're both pretty rockish. But then again, even those albums can't really be compared.

The mood of the album is the most evident difference to the previous ones. The band itself describe Kapseli as the more mature Sydän, Sydän album, and I can agree. This feels by far the most personal.

The album opens with 'Pienen pieni piste' which charms the listener with the "trademark" guitar sound we've learned to love, only different. It's down a notch. It sounds more blue. It's sad. Infact, the whole album sounds sad The lyrics are not necessarily that gloomy, but they do set a certain theme for the whole album; the past is in the past, the future is coming whether you want it or not, so stop worrying and love.

Next track, Ducato, became a radio hit in Finland, and there's no wonder why. Catchy whistling and heartbreaking/heartwarming (depends on the listener!) lyrics sway you in, and don't let go. The track continues the perpetual bluey mood swirling somwehere at the bottom of this music.

There are of course tracks which could be described as the "Live-tracks" to boost up the spirits of the club the band is playing at. Maa halkeaa, Kapseli and Uusi vuosi come to mind at the top of my head. Even with a slightly higher tempo and drive, the lyrics are equally heartwarming/heartbreaking as the rest of the album.

Closing track is excellent! And not only because it offers a listening experience unlike this very unlikely album, but also because it somehow manages to be the most heartwarming (atleast for me) of these heartbreaking tracks, while being the most heart CRUSHING at the same time. It's rather minimalistic, and it speaks in silence.

Kapseli manages again to paint a new picture of the band, and is a successful, brilliantly written new chapter to the history of Sydän, Sydän. The album follows through with the same mood set in the very first track, and does so without starting to feel numbing or boring. It doesn't matter if you found the songs to be fun, happy and I know I've said this a lot, heartwarming, or sad, gloomy and I know I've said this too a lot, heartbreaking, this is not an album you can easily pass. Replay, myes?

If there's anything negative I have to say, it would be the smooth sound over the entire album. Even the faster songs sounds a little too refined, and unlike in live concerts, this album lacked hairy, sweaty balls. But that's just personal preference, and what the album lacked in testosterone it made up in pure personality.

9 / 10