France and romance are two things that are so connected its hard to distinguish them from each other. Even mass media and Hollywood has it covered every second year or so, with their romantic comedies.
Everything from the french language has an aura of beauty around it.
Sadly enough, even after studying french for 7 years, Im terminally handicapped in the language.
Still the music speaks a powerful language and the vocals are just one additional instrument in this world of music.

The music is above the lyrics and the melodies speak a language of its own and at times the special nature of Alcest's music confuses me. There are almost no traces of Rock or Metal in the music, some very pop-like sections are present but mostly just strange ethereal soundscapes.
Still the music is like a walk through a misty forest with no idea whats ahead.
The music grows by every listen and slowly shows you all of its monumental might. Still you need to keep your ears awake and your mind clear as the whole is far from easy listening and craves lots of attention before it reveals all of its secrets. The multiple layers are skillfully crafted like a sculpture with volumes of tiny details, but those carefully carved details flow easily past your ears lest you pay attention.

How to define Alcest is a key question, but its a key question that lacks an answer, but more important is the next question: does the music work?

8 / 10