Do you like Heavy Metal?
Do you LOVE Hard Rock?
Are the 80ís close to your heart?

Chances are you just might enjoy Zenith Reunion but before I start to dig into the actual music, a few words about the vocals.
The vocals were actually of the first element I distinguished when starting to listen to Utopia. At first they just gave me a vague feeling of being way too clean and lacking the amount of vice and filth needed for this type of music, but along the listens I grew more and more annoyed with the actual vocal output. All over the album the vocalists voice leaves a colorless impression that leads me to believe he doesnít carry the pipes to go along with the music. Lacking the needed power just leaves the voice sounding flat and monotone.

After this sad bashing to begin with itís finally time to move on to more fruitful ventures; the music. As the introduction may have hinted, we are moving along the lines of traditional Heavy Metal. The name dropping department contains Finnish classics like Peer GŁnt and Zero Nine, just to name a couple. On the other hand everything isnít just Heavy Metal, you also get vibes from Finnish 90ís Prog gods Kyyria so Zenith Reunion is on to a quite original mix.

While most ideas are borrowed, the elements are mixed into something that sounds like the bands own take on history. If the band just manages to incorporate their vocalist better into the mix, we might be on to something great.

6 / 10