ďBlack Metal at is best.Ē says the label and who am I to disagree with their views.
Well, I am the critic.

KRV is by all means a very traditional sort of Black Metal, with a highly traditional Black Metal sound. If you are a part of the black metal camp that holds these two elements in the highest regard then KRV is definitely Black Metal at itís best.

KRV is by no means just empty plagiarism, but itís far from inventive or intuitive music. What they do have on their side is an non-compromising and serious feel to their performance.
The music is dangerous and dirty, which are the key elements fans would be looking for.

The pros and cons are much the same arguments depending on which side of the table you sit on.
I personally crave some more artistic ambitions to be incorporated into music. The more twisted, the better.
Here KRV fails to fulfill my needs as a listener and here they fail to ignite my interest.

The output is by no means meant to be as negative as it may seem.
The band grooves through this cassette with fierce ambition, it just isnít my bowl of blood.

6Ĺ / 10