Nailed Coil is a Finnish death/thrash/metalcore-band that was founded in 2002. The band has stayed fairly unknown to this day, despite them having released a few demos and EPs, a DVD, and a full-length in '08. This is the quintet's most recent offspring, and their first one that wasn't released independently. The promo-version was released by the band though, and comes as a pro-CDR in a cardboard slip. To my understanding, the Inverse Records' pressing of the album from early 2012 comes as a pressed CD in a regular jewelcase.

Nailed Coil's music is built from good parts; melodic thrash with some modern death metal's heaviness and growled vocals, Meshuggah's angular riffs and surprising drum fills, and some almost poppy and catchy choruses with clean vocals a'la metalcore/deathcore. Throw in some additional punk-riffing and rocking guitar shreds, and you have the band's building blocks. The songs follow traditional structures for their main part, so even though there's some sudden and pretty major leaps from heaviness to lighter spheres and from melodies to crude churning, the songs are fairly easy to follow. The soundscape is modern, sturdy and rather clean, which suits the songs' aggressive feel well.

Initially the album sounds very promising, but when its length starts nearing its inevitable end, the album starts sounding weary - an effect that is boosted after numerous listens. The riffs are of consistent ok-quality, but not better than that, and their leaps from one genre and feeling to another makes them lose all the power they might've originally had. The album has no proper flow; just songs following each other, and their parts following each other. It's a mass that roams without direction, reaching towards various stylistic extremes with full power all at once. The end result is dull and powerless because the band jumps from A to B and back with no focus on what works, what to emphasize, and what to leave in a smaller role. When everything available is unleashed at full power, all at once, nothing has the needed room to shrine though.

From heavy and discordy rhythms to lighter metalcore, Nailed Coil goes for all they do with full force and effort. I wish they would'be given more thought to what elements they should tone down to create some contrasts and dynamics to their songs and to give the album a natural, logical flow. As-is, "The Outcome..." is a good-sounding and well-played mass of various metal-extremeties that eventually starts to sound like a 46-minute mush with too little originality, form and character. It's an overlong and tiring experience that severely lacks taste.

Less can be more. A lot more.

3 / 10