We are living in the 21th century, “the future”, but what does the futuristic music scene look like?
It’s all about retro; Retro is the new black my friends.
While many bands just mimic their paragons a chosen few try to make the retro style their own.
One or two out of a dozen actually succeeds.

Herem is in a way a borderline case. The music is packed with modern elements so it’s not ‘one-to-one’ retro. The band also manages in sounding like themselves, though they also sound vaguely familiar.
The musical base per se is rather traditional doom with a highly vintage sound and a feel of 70’s psychedelia, but the edge of aggression gives the sound personality.
What gives the release even more personality is the brutal vocals that dominate the spectre when present. There is an extremely crisp flavour to the growls and the occasional screaming vocals bring levels to the sound. Also the (way too sparse) clean vocals stand their ground enriching the whole with yet another level.

The music is minimal, but packs some interesting nuances to keep the whole interesting. Still “II” sadly misses out on the killer tracks that are etched to your mind making it a classic.

7+ / 10