Negative Reaction from New York has made six albums (this being the newest one) and various splits and other smaller releases since their founding in 1990, yet this is the first time I'm hearing them. Better late than never. The album is available as a CD and LP, but I can't comment their visual side nor the lyrics, as the digital promo didn't include them.

"Frequencies from Montauk" holds forty minutes of fast-paced and stoner-rocking sludge, with the bass-sound and some slower and more atmospheric mid-parts giving a bow towards classic doom metal. The band's sound is light but sturdy, and clear but crunchy. The sound has a lot of nuances and life in it, and suits the occasional psychedelic moments as well as the simpler sludge-doom-groove. The heaviness isn't overwhelming, but it's still clearly there.

The songs have compact lengths and their base structures are simple enough to be easily followed, but their organic sound, stonery jamming and the effortlessly flowing groove makes sure that the songs offer way more than would seem at first. There is a lot of variation, but the consistent-quality riffs and the overall vibe of freely flowing sound makes the album a pleasing and coherent listening experience as a whole, too. The band seemingly has a good sense of style - although someone might state differing opinions after hearing the sci-fi-bleeping of song four. There are many individual moments that appeal right away, such as the down-tuned sludge-rhythms in song three, but none of these moments shine over the album's overall feel or quality in a bad way. Even the Pink Floyd-cover fits in naturally.

One of the most definitive elements of the album is the vocalist, as his raw shouts sound loud and painful. They are original and certainly stand out from the music, but even after numerous listens I haven't yet been able to decide whether they're good or not. They're ballsy, at least, and after initially getting used to them they add a lot of character to the album's sound.

Overall this 40-minuter leaves very little to complain. Eagerness and musical talent meets good taste and boldness (regarding the sound and compositional variation), and the end result has a good overall vibe and a natural flow. It's not flawless nor perfect, but untamed music like this shouldn't be so anyway. Recommended.

9- / 10