The Spanish trio Velocidad Absurda ("Absurd Velocity") was originally active from 1997 to 2004, during which they recorded one EP and a split with Kevlar Skin. After six years of hiatus the band was reactivated, and in 2011 they published their fittingly titled full-lenght "Reborn for the Extermination." The band's second album is currently in the making.

The thirty-minute album is clearly influenced by American veterans of gory and brutal death metal as well as some goregrind-traditions. Even though you shouldn't expect anything groundbreaking, the album carries enough originality and scorching Spanish heat to make the album sound like something more than a mere soulless copycat.

Velocidad Absurda isn't the most technical band around, even though the riffs have a lot of sudden switches and breaks, a dominating fast pace, and the drums deliver a lot of capable fills. Their sound is moreso defined by the entwined beating and twitching of the harsh guitar and heavy and vast bass that create a gory and occasionally discordy sound, while the sharper drums keep this mass constantly on the move and creates a more dynamic "counterpoint" to the pulsing string-filth. The drum sound should be familiar to most goregrind-listeners, and so should be the deep and garbled gurgles and growls.

The band's strongest points, along with having just one guitar and thus a more easily fathomable sound, is that they were smart enough to leave some slower moments here and there to give the compositions a good amount of variance and dynamics. The songs aren't too easily predictable due to their many changes from slower and more rhythm-based beating to more technical riffs with occasional discord-notes and screeches, and the filthy but still professional sound gives the songs a coating of gore that ties all the variation together. Add a few short samples and the rhythmic gurgles serving as just another instrument, and you have a tasty slab of death metal-sleaze. The album has a perfect length, too, as it doesn't sound too short nor start to bore the listener.

If originality is what you're looking for, you can look away. Even so, "Velocidad Absurda" is a name to remember when talking about brutal death metal. They don't have shallow extremity nor unneeded technicality, as they've used both of these elements only when they're needed. "Tasteful" might not be the right word when talking about gory death metal, but it's nonetheless a word I'd use when talking about how the album's been put together. The songs' mushy sound and various changes don't make them too memorable, but you'll start noticing more small gimmicks and fills after a few additional listens.

I hope the band's next album will be something new to their traditional concept - and more original and less digital cover arts wouldn't hurt either. "Reborn for the Extermination" gave me high expectations for the band's future.

8 / 10