As Iíve said numerous times, retro is the new black. Youíve seen it in every field of commercial art like musical endeavours of the late Amy Winehouse or the numerous retro- and occult-metal bands around, and the movies with their shitty remakes and abuse of old trademarks.
Itís become a big business to bring the old-times back so we can cash out on it again and why the hell not? The music was good enough back then and itís quicker and easier to rip off than try to invent something new.
Caro Emerald, a pretty dutch jazz singer, showcases how pop-music marries with the Jazz in a mixture that reminds me in turn of a smoky bar and the love boat.
The lyrics and the feel is in many places naughty and a bit soft-core, but everything lacks danger and the real eroticism.
Bottom line, the music functions like solid pop-music should. It doesnít irritate but neither does it wake other strong emotions.
You can listen to the music and even tap your foot to the rhythm, but afterwards you start to think about what should fill the void in your recent memory.
Only a few moments are carved into your mind and sadly one of them includes scratching and hip-hopesque shouts.
With some added filth and danger and a good pinch of eroticism this album would truly float my boat, or at least be a soundtrack to loving my wife. Now it draws blank and shoots in the eye.

6- / 10