Speak of “Death Doom Metal” and we are all clear on what we get, the only question is: are we dealing with a pastiche of twenty other bands, or are these guys up to some cool original stuff?
Simple question deserves a simple answer - Yes and No.

The music itself goes in the same bombastic and majestic atmospheres as Finland’s Swallow the Sun and also the technical and production quality reaches the same extremely high quality.
The downside, as so often nowadays, is that Evadne lacks identity and something that is it’s own.

The sounds are crystal clear and the melodies work. We even have a fair amount of changes in tempo from mid-pace to slow and all this can be counted as pros for “The Shortest Way”.
My issue is with the clean vocals; They just don’t sound good. They don’t sound bad either, but they sure as hell don’t sound great.
When it comes to growls the vocalist is a winner. The growls are crisp and aggressive and just about everything to hope for.
So for the future, please, sod the clean vocals.
They are the Achilles heel of “The Shortest Way”.

All songs are strong but the album lacks the killer tracks to blow your knickers off. Nothing really rises above to hook you for listen after listen.
For sure there is good musicianship on the release, but there is nothing really to distinguish Evadne from its contemporaries.

So what of the future? I see great things... if the band manages to add something of its own into the mix. Bands nowadays just sound way too homogeneous and Evadne falls into the very same trap. Sadly, if the band doesn’t give up it’s loyalty to the genre, I’m afraid Evadne will put itself in a way too narrow box.

7+ / 10