When following the rabbit this time around you get that “Alice in Wonderland” feeling with a pinch of “what the fuck”.
These crazy French Deathmetal Breakcorers are throwing a load down your neck and before you grasp it, you’ve been assaulted the hard way.

The first impression is like having your bowels dissected and left to rot in town sqare and from the beginning you get a feeling you can’t catch all the information brought upon you, but reality is much more coherent than the first impression.

The glitches and breaks serve not only as extra spice but break up the compositions giving them inventive structure. You get the same schizophrenic vibes as John Zorn’s compositions but the musical idea feels almost like an extreme version of something out of Steven Reich’s songbook.
The album is on the verge of causing migraine and craves stamina and attention, but the ending is far from fulfilling. Afterwards you are left with a strange feeling of being left with brain damage and still craving more. The glitches get to you in a most weird way, but luckily the ingenious compositions hide melodies and a musical storyline behind the gimmicks.

The dry growls feel somehow out of place, but otherwise the vocals feel exquisite. Bottom line is that the vocals per se are nothing more than an additional element to breath life to the material and at many places they are also cut up and sliced down.

In the end it’s hard to give a one track opinion on Whourkr’s “4247 Snare Drums” because of the fucked up nature of the release. Mind you I used the phrase “fucked up” in the best possible way, but it has been a truly schizophrenic experience and partly I loved it whilst the day before I couldn’t stand it.
Still the love and respect draw the longer straw.

8- / 10