By some strange fluke of nature the swedes know how to do this thing with music.
- They have a music export that is worth millions and millions.
- They’ve produced international hits like Abba and as a metal nation created iconic bands such as Europe.
It’s in their blood and genes. They just know how to do it.

Bottom line is still that swedes have their niches that they do extremely well. We have Melodic death metal. Then there is Pop-music. Many great Power metal bands have also come from Sweden.
So how do they deal with Doom metal?

When Nothing Remains has a clearly Scandinavian take on doom, but it is closer to their Finnish contemporaries than anything Swedish. At times you get a strong Amorphis vibes from the material and overall the music leans more towards Finnish melancholia than Swedish optimism.

The music itself is rather much done according to the death/doom textbook. The music has the accoustic passages, growls and clean vocals. When Nothing Remains is not a carbon copy of anything, but does not feast on originality either.
The most powerful thing is the vibe you get afterwards. You find yourself thinking “that wasn’t all bad” - though you can’t lift any song out from the whole, nor hum any given melody off the album.

Clearly the swedes do now what they are up to in making good music, but the lack of originality is a nail in When Nothing Remains coffin.

7 / 10