I found Fadeout years ago and acquired some of their demos at the time being. Sad but true, I forgot about the band until their debut album arrived at my desk.
The initial thought when pushing play was one of slight disbelief as the once American styled alternative rock band seemed to have gone into a completely fresh prog vibe. What really stands out with this new take are the vocals.
The singer still sounds like the America influenced alternative band they used to be, whilst the music has a much softer and organic take to it.

Once digging deeper into the album you also go to notice the change of style isn’t all that deep.
The old catchy choruses and melodies are still there, it’s just spiced up with lengthy interludes and bridges.
You get the feel that the change of style is left halfway there and missing on both points instead of creating one monster of a hybrid.

It is clear that the boys in Fadeout have a great deal of talent both in mastering their instruments and writing striking tunes, but as for now the prog elements feel too loosely incorporated in the songs. The killer refrains together with the beautiful sax action in “Solar Lights” serve as the high points of “To Protect our way of Living”.

7+ / 10