The Finnish quartet Curimus was founded in '04. They've released four demos before their debut full-length "Realization," but as I haven't heard any of them, no comparison can be made.

I bet most of you have heard some bands which sound like they've attempted to sound as "extreme" as possible. Curimus is on the brink of being counted as one of that herd; professional and neat production, very capable musicianship, constant fast paces, harsh and shouted vocals... everything's taken to the max, and stays that way for most of the time. Some of the riffs and beats, however, have a really pleasing punk/d-beat-vibe in their absolute simplisticity, which greatly helped me to breathe and focus amidst being battered by the modern thrash onslaught.

Aside of these punk-moments and the surprisingly catchy chorus of "Addicted" (which, if toned down, could easily be played on some radio station for heavier music), the album leaves little memory trail. It's fast, heavy and compressed to yield maximum damage on the listener, and I was quickly numbed to the songs' effect. They just stopped to feel or taste like anything in their generic pumped-up aggression.

I have no doubt that these songs could do wonders when played live, but this production makes them lose all their organic qualities and natural nuances and details; even the few slower and rhythm-gimmicky moments seem too stuffed. The compositions are far from being good, personal or even unique enough for them to work in this form. The band is capable with their instruments and the basics of their expression, but this time it seems they bit off more than they could chew.

5 / 10