I had great expectations for Utilitarian. Napalm Death's latest albums have all been better than the last one because of memorable and hard hitting songs.

Utilitarian is opened by an intro which feels like an unnecessary addition. Good thing is that it lasts only two minutes. After the lame intro comes Errors in the Signals which I think is the best song on the album after listening it a couple of times, especially because of its memorable chorus.

The albums has a couple of weird experimental moments, for example a saxophone solo which actually works nicely in all its lunacy. The Wolf I Feed has a chorus which is sang cleanly and it sounds exactly like Fear Factory. After hearing it for the fist time it just sounded like the worst idea but somehow after listening to the album a couple of times the chorus starts to sound good. There is also hardcore punk singing in the same song and it gives great balance to the clean singing. This hardcore punk style is included also in a couple of other songs. I think Napalm Death should use this style more often as it gives great balance and a primitive feeling.

The problem of the Utilitarian is that after listening it for the first time you can't remember much. After giving the album a couple of spins I started to get in to it and start to like it. It doesn't have as murdering and memorable songs as the earlier album Time Waits For No Slave has, but I would say it's a pretty good modern-Napalm Death album which requires listeners to concentrate.

7 / 10