When you look back in time at the history of music the whole thought of “progressive” music feels kind of silly. What is progressive?
At some point the greatest progression was to add voice to drumming, or other sounds, the stone age people created, but what does the concept mean today?
Is it possible to be truly progressive or is it true that every song has already been made?

Looking at Psychema you really need to ask yourself is the music “progressive” or “Progressive”?

In the end the differences are like day and night. Back in the 70’s bands like Rush were truly progressive and also Dream Theater were a progressive act in the beginning of their time.
Nowadays Dream Theater, Symphony X and their likes have been reduced to Progressive metal. They don’t make progress, they mostly refine the style of metal they once invented.

After countless listens I don’t find Psychema very progressive either.
They share elements of Progressive metal with their bombastic synth arrangements and small twists & turns. “The Entry Point” oozes of skillful playing and the compositions are full of fine details. Talent has not gone to waste for this troupe.

The vocals remind me of the late(?), great Cryhavoc and are packed with a nice edge. Also as spice the backing vocals are realized by use of King Diamondesque highs, that I would have loved to hear more of. Overall the edgy vocalisation brings attitude to the music and distinguishes it from other bands, but it creates an threshold for people who dislike growls.
The songs are packed with catchy choruses that also make the music highly approachable.

All in all we have a package of characteristic metal music which isn’t only well played but also well written. The band is not short on ideas and manage to sound like themselves alone. In the question of Progressive or progressive, Psychema is definitely Progressive as it does not go out of boundaries from the path the paragons of Progressive metal have set up.

7˝ / 10