Devastator = one who devastates. This time around not the Transformers action figure, but an veteran band from the US of A.

With raw and gritty as the nominated benchmark, Devastator lands in the vicinity of “filthy as fuck” while whipping you with their unpolished Black-Thrash combo you’ve come to expect from War Productions.
Definitely one who devastates!

Devastator is uncompromising and straightforward asskicking deluxe with a good pinch of punk vibes and attitude to go.
The production values will most likely appeal to most fans of early 90’s extreme music, the treble is pumped high and bass is almost absent. Still the production is surprisingly clear and lacks the basement reverb many 90’s releases have.

For some reason the music itself fails to take off. A couple of cliché sample intros are the only element’s to distinguish changes of songs. The material is way too homogeneous and the songs almost indistinguishable from each other.
For sure Devastator isn’t in this for the money, fame or the chicks... but still the music lacks ample hold on me.

6- / 10