They say it’s a symphony for the shattered soul. I say it’s an ass kicking for the fatally bruised.
They say melancholic. I say it’s an assault on the sleeping victim.

Somberaeon is one of the more violent bands I know, hiding behind an beautiful melody only to stab you in the groin. Like a femme fatale dressed in black, the press release states that the band has changed into their melancholic form from their Black metal roots.
Bullshit! The madness and aggression of a vicious Black metal beast is stronger than ever, this band is here for the kill!
The compositions are built upon blind rage and furious blasts. The beautiful melodies are most audible in some of the intros before the blast madness begins and for most of the album the drums being assaulted sounding like machine gun. However the dynamic duo has not completely forgotten variation and there are a chosen few solemn sections and songs.
Still, even when the band slows down, the guttural screams of the vocalist bring you mind back to the slaughter and you are still not left at peace.

In many ways “Broken” is a very dark and brooding album. The continuous aggression wakes anguish and aggression... even fear.
“Broken” has a dense and strong atmosphere, but the overtly aggressive feel can either make you numb or wake an anguish forcing to push ‘STOP’.
With larger swings of atmosphere and more varied vocals Somberaeon could keep me captivated for hours.

7 / 10