Echoed soundscapes have hardly ever sounded this good.
Add a steady drum beat and occasional guitar picking to the lot and we are in on an success story.
Well success might be an overstatement as mainstream poofters don’t really get this sort of thing, but people who enjoy good music are surely in for a treat.
This is by no means music you can dance to, at least not in the meat grinding way you do it in the nightclubs while hunting for a fresh prey.

Larvae is highly visual and meant for solemn nights together with a velvet soft red wine. Sit by yourself in the comfortable armchair, feel the silk underwear caress your milky skin and close your eyes.
The melodies make love to your ears and your mind in a tangled menage trois while the drum beat controls the frequaéncies to your pelvic thrusts.

All this might sound vulgar and obscene, but I am actually describing beautiful, modern music that has a hidden eroticism to it.
The music borderlines from art/lounge music to bland background music... but it’s mostly up to the listener and the amount of his (or her) attention.

Here and there the drum speaks a different language than the rest of the music, but in those instances the contrast works for the best... like jealousy between lovers.

Exit Strategy is beyond all captivating once you get into it.
If you’ve ever had that dark mistress who’s mesmerized your mind with her enchanting presence and aura of sexuality then you know what I’m speaking of.
Personally, I don’t.

8+ / 10