Bauda, what have thou done to me?
You made me go through a spectre of emotions. You made me realize the importance of first impressions, but you also gave to me insight of why they donít work.

Bauda, when I first listened to you I felt a sense of sensation. You really moved me and showed me new worlds. The power of the first impression carried well and far...

But what about when the feeling of euphoria settled? What happened to you?
Your true colors shined in my eyes and I saw through the Emperor's new clothes.

In the end there was a great deal of fuss about nothing. I had at my hands an album where the yellow brick road goes through soundscapes and genres.
Consistent? ... yes, but without a clear direction.

Bauda, I applaud you for the soundscapes, the brilliant post-rocking waves of sound that refreshes the senses. I bow to you for the atmospheres you create at your best.
What I cannot forgive is the sub-par Indie rock songs and sections that manage only to lift my pulse and make my blood boil.
These are the parts that work on a spectre between boring me to death all the way to makeing me enraged.

please do me a favour and stick to the atmospheric stuff.

Thank you.

6- / 10