Itís probably not big news worldwide that us Finns like our booze. Itís been our national mood medication until the dawn of the third millennium.
Rather much since the prohibition that ended in 1932 we have been irresponsible drinkers and to some extent probably before that as well.
Anyhow, so much for history and Finnish drinking habits. What is the logical next step from loving to drink booze?
Of course singing hymns to our beloved nectar ...and that is actually something we have done here since the í60s (at least).

So what of our boozers also known as Delayhead? The music itself seems like straightforward, southern influenced, groovy metal which goes forth like an old coal train. In the musical output per se I have no complaints but when digging into the lyrical display everything goes towards the worse.
The lyrics are all about in your face, fuck the world, I love booze and canít write proper English.
As if the poor grammar in the lyrics isnít enough to underline this fact, we also have a great deal of poor pronunciation throughout the songs. A special note goes to the song ďFucknationĒ
... just listen to it and you will hear my point.
Itís hard to distinguish if the band is being tongue in cheek playful or have they just been stone drunk while making this record.

Iíd really like to hear what these guys could cook together with a more serious agenda.
As it is, the alcohol image and hungover angst gives nothing to me.

6- / 10