Pesta Porcina is a Spanish goregrind-band that was founded in 2002, and this is their second full-length album. It seems to be their currently newest release, too.

What the album offers is tongue-in-cheek goregrind with simplistic and traditional goregrind-riffs and topics - something that's already pretty much evident from looking at the cover image. The tales of disgusting gore and sucpicious sexual behaviour are delivered with crunchy but nicely harsh and DIY-sounding guitars with riffs that aren't trying to invent anything new, and the bass has enough punch to stand out as an individual element in the compositions as well. The drums are a bit thin but suit the album's overall sound, and they're played well. The vocals are delivered as high-pitched and slimy shouts that are actually (and surprisingly) rather personal, and as more traditional low and guttural growls. Luckily they're more about natural growls with their human flaws than of too excessive pitch-shift abuse.

Unlike many goregrind-bands that seem to focus only on creating the most massive and heavy sound as possible and thus erase all the detail and human playing mistakes from the music, Pesta Porcina relies on the naturally raw and less perfected sound. This is exactly the thing that makes this album better than many of today's goregrind-bands: there's actual detail and good riffs, not just an endless barrage of would-be heaviness and makeshift-riffs. The band isn't exceptional, but its honesty and actual effort with the compositions takes them far. The humorous shrieks and other little adds further enhance the honest feel: these guys aren't reaching for the stars, but are just having fun. In this case it makes the listening experience pleasing for the listener as well. Of course, it also makes the album sound annoying if you're feeling frustrated, but that's an another story altogether.

If you like having fun and drinking a few beers while listening to goregrind, this album is a pretty recommendable buy. It ain't anything new nor exceptional, but it's perfect in what it tries to accomplish: having and delivering fun while playing good riffs. This, along with the amount of variation and rocking bits in the compositions, is what rises Pesta Porcina above the grey mass of dull goregrind-bands. If I understood a word of the lyrics and the album had more interesting cover arts, the grade would be a notch higher.

7 / 10