The Finnish heavy metal-group Adastra (formerly known as Paralysion) was founded in 2001, and this album is their third full-length of resuscitation for the great past of heavy metal.

Upon my first hearing of Adastra, I summed up their music in the following way: "A bunch of young lads are trying to copy Judas Priest and to make it sound tougher by adding some hard rock to the overall sound and compositions. There's a lot of effort and songs are bound to get the crowd shouting and cheering when played live, but the end result sounds would-be. Good mid-level heavy metal that's sure to find its listeners due to the oldschool-boom that's going on."

Why I'm sharing these initial vibes o' mine is that they were pretty much remained the full truth about the album for me. The songs are a mixture of well-executed Judas Priest and Iron Maiden with a nicely rough soundscape and throaty vocals that are capable of a few higher shrieks in addition to the more melodic output. The problem just is that if you're familiar with the two aforementioned bands, all the songs sound like a collage of bits and pieces from their hits. The soundscape differs with its hard rock-vibes, but otherwise there's way too little of Adastra and way too much of their influences present.

If you enjoy traditional heavy metal with the Iron Maiden-acoustics and the general style of Judas Priest, there's no reason for you to not buy this album. Personally, I wanted to see some trace of effort from the band, something that would've made "Corroder of Minds" sound like an album by Adastra and not some oldschool-tribute, but I found none - hence the low grade and my frustration regarding this piece of work. It's a shame that such skilled artists settle for a safe and usual pastiche.

5 / 10