Pyuria is a Finnish death metal-band that's existed since 1996. They've made two demos, two EPs, and "Incarnadine Reverly" marks their now third full-length album release. The band's previous full-length "Oubliette Ontology" was released in 2007, which might explain why I don't remember seeing the band's name anywhere in a long while.

The band plays cliche-ridden death metal with a sense of both humour and style. The songs have a heavy and professional sound that's like a modernized take on the genre's oldschool traditions, but the skilled musicianship allows the instruments to breathe freely despite the darkened and harsh soundscape. The vocalist used to sing in Torture Killer, so it comes as granted that his deep growls are very capable and professional.

The songs range from mid-tempo and downright slow churnings to in-your-face blasts of gory hostility. The riffs are rather technical, but also carry a rocking touch that keeps them from sounding too sophisticated. The humorous and cliche-ridden movie samples (note: if anyone knows which movie the intro is taken from, I'd like to know its name) lighten the mood in a sense, and there's some pure hillbilly-antics here and there, such as in the "country & gore"-beginning of "The Enemy."

The band is a very experienced one, and they've got the right attitude to deliver their death metal with credibility and skill. The songs have a pleasingly original sound and feel, so even though they're certainly not re-inventing the wheel, they're a great pleasure to the ears. What's wrong is that the songs' flow is occasionally a straightforwardly rocking one, and at other times it's very gimmicky and technical with a lot of breaks, e.g. on the title track. This causes the album to have a slightly divided nature that makes the listening experience a less smooth one, and makes me a bit unsure on what the band was going for. I'm assuming these moments just mark the places when the marriage of technicality and groove didn't work out.

I haven't heard any previous works of Pyuria, but now I'm interested to check 'em out. "Incarnadine Reverly" presents good-quality death metal with a proper soundscape and the needed amount of originality. It's simple as that. Recommended.

"There is no god, the dead devour us all."

8+ / 10