The internet age gives us unlimited access to unlimited amounts of information. We have the means to see to all of our darkest fantasies.
Everyone also have their own ways of letting the tension out, and in this case Objectum Sexual has chosen brutal noise as itís vessel.
However, there is nothing sexual though the title and band name suggest otherwise.
Well.. I can actually see how someone gets kicks out of pulverizing other people, but I enjoy more just a good old humiliation.

For me the release gives a feeling of being trapped inside an old television set. Surrounded by static interference. I feel the static disturbance around me, it catches on to me. I feel my fingertips dissolving into static pieces of blacks and whites. Everything is dissolving around me, crashing together. Dodging vibrant pictures of channels almost there but the reception is failing.
I fall into bits and pieces, unable to stop myself.

Now letís get back on track from perverted fantasies. The noise of Objectum Sexual is gruesome and shows no mercy. It smashes you like banging that old TV set over your fragile skull.
The frequencies and sounds move in waves creating a sort of semi-rhythm to give a vague structure to each ďfileĒ.
Some sounds even remind me through the distortion of an vibrator going on too high rounds.
The sounds are very stripped, raw and minimal... almost like sex, but this one just lasts longer.

Call me a sexual defect, but this non-music fails to get me a hard on. However though Iím not the submissive kind, this resonance and static does provide some masochistic enjoyment.

7+ / 10