I don't know much about Cicutoxin. This demo came out two years after it was recorded, and I haven't noticed any activity by them since.

This professionally printed demo tape holds 6 songs and about 10 minutes of music. The songs are slow, heavy and sad. The soundscape is really enjoyable. It's not ultra heavy, downtuned or distorted, but the atmosphere is dark and depressive. The simple and droning riffs are expanded upon by hoarse and dissociative screams and some songs include parts with a violin, which I must say works pretty well.

The cover art is pretty neat. It's the etiquette of the drug cicutoxin. Even though it's a pretty simple and even a little obvious it works well. There's not too much info about the band which for me creates a little bit of an aura about this band. This actually brings me to the thing that bothers/interests me the most about this release. Why release this demo now? Is it a teaser of things to come or just a post-humous release? The tape is long enough to spark my interests but too short to satisfy my curiosity!

In any case, for fans of slow and heavy music this tape is a nice addition to your collection.

3 / 5