Depth Beyond One’s is a band not equipped with an easy, or even good, name but a band with ambitions and skill. It is a case of stating the obvious that the band is following a grand vision which they aim at cashing out on.
According to the press release they are a band that eats genres for breakfast and shit them on record... well ok, they didn’t use the term “shit”.
DBO is backed up by guest performances by former bandmates, friends and other talents.
Anyway the these guys have cooked together a crooked 13½ minute EP that is made available on CD and Cassette (I have to add that the cassette cover is superb, check it out!), but also free download.

So when listening to the material, is it really so genre defying and crooked as the band says?
Of course it depends on your origins and taste of music. DBO isn’t your average metal, but the crookedness is on a song basis.
The 3 songs are very different from each other, but the songs themselves are rather straightforward throughout.
Where the first songs riffing follows a strange spasm-like rhythm, the second track is a acoustic driven ballad that leaves yours truly a bit cold. Last, but not least (cliché, yay!), the 3rd track is a powerful display of aggression with the raw grunts and crooked chord progression. A bit of a turnoff is provided by the propaganda speech sample which spells cliché in a bad way.
The lyrics are altogether dark and feature social criticism, but written with good taste. For the sake of the music the lyrics nor their themes really make any difference, but in hindsight the connection is made clear.

I await with curiosity to see what DBO can muster together in the future as the weird and crooked parts are intriguing. For some parts the band does rely too heavily on the power of repetition, but this also causes the effect that the deranged riffs grow upon you as you listen. The weak point of this EP is the second track, “Reborn”, where also the vocal performance is left lagging.
This concept craves for bigger releases and bolder execution. With some added insanity this could very well become a big thing.

7+ / 10