It’s a shame, don’t you think?
There’s only so much you can write about an ambient drone release.
A damn shame indeed.
At my hand I have an ultra ambitious display of audial artistry, but words are not ample to describe what you hear. The slow, stasis like, progression might be moving though you hardly notice it. Atmospheres evolve but you can’t really grasp it without skipping forward every now and then. The whole crawls over you like resonating air.
It’s a shiver down your spine or a menacing figure just outside your view.

D’incise practically uses every trick in the book. We have pulsating sounds, on-site recordings, crackles, sparkles and resonance. Distortion and manipulations.
Some parts are closer to noise than ambient but everything is tainted by a minimalist aura.
This is the definitive soundtrack to meditation … or that really, really bad hangover.

I really cannot suggest you listen to this if you wan’t to dance, or need need that uplifting summer hit. If that’s your game, check out MTV, this is art!

Whit all this said, I refuse to rate this release. The whole concept of a numeral value for a piece such as this is unfair and demeaning. This is a sonic equivalent of a painting. A painting that could be displayed inside the very halls of any major modern art museum.
What I can say to summarize everything is that not everyone will enjoy this.
That’s just the way it is. Other people like expressive art while some enjoy the abstract.
The fortunate few that do enjoy Prairie, they win!

x / 10