Everyone has heard the tale about an monster, built by a mad scientist out of parts of dead bodies and brought to life by lightning. Yes, everyone knows the concept behind Frankenstein.
In my hands right now I have a musical equivalent to this horrid monster.
Ruby My Dear has built an album out of so many elements and genres that it’s hard to keep track of them, but the stitching along the scars is so fine that you have a hard time distinguishing everything.
There are more than just a few pieces hip-hop in the mixture, but much is also built upon pop-sensible melodies that get dissected and mutilated just as they are about to take off and fly. Although the lion’s share out of “Remains...” is built upon rhythms and distortion of rhythm, you also find some beautiful ethereal ambient melodies along the ride.
In the end you are left with an ambitious dance album that you have absolutely no chance of dancing to, except if you’re experiencing serious spasms of some sort.

As already stated, the spine of “Remains...” lays in the tribal-like poly rhythms and distortions of them, but the soundscape is also full of electronic sweeps, bleeps and swooshes helping in maintaining the red line.
The overall electro-tribal feel casts intimidating shadows over the whole, still some of the hip-hop elements are left on top of my recollections afterwards.
Personally I would have enjoyed a braver set of genre-hopping and a noisier soundscape, but that goes into the realms of personal preference.

The multiple styles are tied together by means of breakcore which executes perfectly. Switches in style leave no glitches behind but the album is way too diverse to leave strong memories.
Still, the process of listening is highly enjoyable!

8- / 10