I was browsing through the LP-section at a record shop and happened to find this LP by Temples. I was familiar with the band and had earlier heard some convincing demo-material from them, so I made an impulse-purchase and hoped that I wouldn't be sorrily disappointed.

Luckily there was no reason for me to worry, as Periplaneta Nova is a shockingly good debut. The band has skillfully and commendably picked up influences from stoner, psychedelic rock as well doom metal. However, the main weight emphasis is on heavy and slow paces, which reminds me of Reverend Bizarre and the likes of Electric Wizard. Quite a few solos are heard during the album, but luckily they're executed stylishly and with good taste. The vocalist's voice can't be bashed either, as his hoarse and clean vocals are a pleasure to listen to.

The album's overall sound is excellent The clear, sligtly retro and not too heavy sounds do their part with no room for complaints. The songs' atmosphere is great, and delivers a leisurely feel of relaxation.

I definitely recommend you to check out the album if you're a friend of stoner/doom. Due to the fine cover artwork and the analog sounds I advise you to buy the LP, even when you can download the album for free at the band's bandcamp-site.

8+ / 10