Kreyskull is a Doom Rock band hailing from Finland. The band shows its roots in traditional Doom but also mixes a good dose of psychedelia into the music.
This is a very strong debut album by any benchmark and regardless of the strong traditional influences Kreyskull do manage to sound like themselves. It is thoroughly impressive that a young band has such a strong vision straight from the beginning.

The riffs themselves don’t reinvent the wheel but the songwriting abilities are great. What also ranks high in my book is the achieved sound, the guitars sound brilliant and have a good vintage feel to them. The vocalist shows off great skills using both clean vocals and an aggressive, horace, rock rasp. Both styles sound great and It’s a pleasure to listen to the singing. The lyrics sadly don’t demand the amount of attentions and thus the concept of the album is left a bit in the dark.

Overall there isn’t much to actually write about “Year of the Octopus” as it is a strong album that lacks both standouts and flaws. The music itself is highly uplifting despite the many aggressive parts.
This album is ‘just’ a good strong whole
... and now I feel like a beer!

8- / 10