Right here and right now I sit in a bar enjoying both a cup of coffee and some music. ďWhat musicĒ you say? I believe this to be the latest endeavour of something called ďA Forest of StarsĒ.
Now I do admit straight up that the band name is far from good and even further from striking or memorable, but itís name none the less.
But what can be said about the audio journey then?
A lot, but not nearly enough. This is music where everything happens... or does it really? The label, I believe, promotes this as psychedelic black metal which just feels inadequate. Itís like calling Ulver an experimental rock band!
Please donít be fooled by me bringing up Ulver, these bands have nothing more in common than both being highly versatile bands.

So what are little girls made of... no, sorry. ďA Forest of StarsĒ made of?
We have some spoken word sections that sound like mixed breeding of Current 93 and dark-folk outfit Splinterskin. There are also folkish violin sections, ambient parts and aggressive black metal carnage.
In addition to the spoken words, we are also treated to clean vocals, harsh growls and even some female vocals. Here and there you might experience flashes and reminders of other bands, but in the end ďA Forest of StarsĒ ultimately sound only like themselves.

We are treated to a rich mix that you need to experience first hand. No words I can write down are enough to describe what is happening on record.
ITís a wild chase through forlorn beauty to raw aggression and all the way to some sort of apocalyptic downfall. Itís a demanding task to compose something like this and following your vision without losing sight of the end.

Now when I finish my cup of coffee and the player comes to a stop, it is time for me to move onwards to new ventures.

8+ / 10