The debut by the Lithuanian duo Budrūs presents almost 50 minutes of gloomy ambience and power electronics. The album is available as a digipak-CD with a six-page booklet.

The songs are mostly built from layers of ominous guitar ambience. It ranges from fragile and nearly classically beautiful, even ethereal to shrilling and shrieking terror and power electronics-style noise. There's a lot of variation, but it all comes together as an unified whole.

This almost continuous flow and fluctuation between violent ugliness and beautiful ambience is occasionally accompanied by carefully imbued and organic-sounding percussions, which ensure that the ambience doesn't start sounding too monotonal or dull. The strong spoken or shouted male vocals on a few of the tracks serve as the clearest and strongest high points amidst the flowing ambience. They deliver pure power. It's a shame that I don't know what the lyrics are about, as the promotional slipcase includes no booklet.

The album can be a heavy listening experience due to the clarity and strength of guitar feedback and the atmospheres' mercilessness, so you shouldn't play this album whilst expecting to hear some background ambience. This CD will take over you in its strongest moments, and there are quite a few of them - yet it knows when to let know of the listener so that the experience will retain its power.

There are a few moments where the atmospheres stagger, such as the last track's drums which seem to break the ambience's flow, but other than that there are no major complaints. A good, solid album with a lot of personality. I hope more material is to follow in the future, and that if/when it happens, it'll be an even stronger and more solid experience.

8 / 10